Inauguration of UG-IACUC

The newly re-constituted University of Ghana Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (UG-IACUC) was inaugurated on Wednesday 31st October, 2018.
The establishment of the University of Ghana Institute Animal Care and Use Committee is to ensure that a competent body has oversight of the proper care and humane use of animals within the university research, testing and teaching programmes.
The UG-IACUC is responsible for overseeing and evaluating all aspects of
(i) Animal care and
(ii) Animal use, and is charged with
Reviewing proposals that involve animals, to ensure that the criteria established in the Animal Care and Use Guide, the IACUC Guidebook, and the UG-IACUC Policy Document are implemented. In its review of proposals, the Committee’s primary goal is to facilitate compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies consistent with the performance of appropriate and productive scientific endeavors.

Members of the UG-IACUC being congratulated by Prof. Francis Dodoo,Pro-VC ORID

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