Dust Bunny Workshop

Dust Bunny Workshop: find out about a home infections research project in Ghana and actively shape new research project in this area

Dust Bunny is a 2-year UK funded research project that applies innovative design research methods coupled with microbiological analyses to address issues of home-based infections in Ghana, particularly those carrying antimicrobial resistance, resulting in a reduction of infection and in positive increase of health outcomes.

In the first part of the workshop the Ghanaian (Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana) and UK (University of Lancaster) project team will be presenting the project, its initial findings as well as challenges and opportunities in this area.

In the second and most part of the workshop we will be inviting you to participate, through a number of creative and interactive activities, in the co-development of a larger scale project that addresses the challenge of home-based infections and helps inform policy on antimicrobial resistance in Ghana.

This will form the basis for the co-development and submission of a Global Challenge Research Framework research proposal on Global Health and Communities to be submitted in early April 2019. It will help provide funding for Ghanaian and UK researchers to work together along with a range of partners in Ghana, including those participating in this workshop.


The workshop took place on Wednesday 13th February 2019 from 09:30am – 14:30pm at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana

For more information on Dust Bunny visit: https://dustbunny.global/

For more information on the event and to register contact Dr Dziedzom de Souza at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), set up in 1979 as a semi autonomous institute of the University, is the leading biomedical research facility in Ghana.

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