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Hands-on Grants Workshop

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in partnership with  Washington University in Saint Louis is organizing a  hands-on-grants  workshop . The workshop will take place from 16th to 19th July, 2018. Three grant specialists from Washington University  and some local facilitators will be running the workshop.  If you are currently working on a grant or intend to work on a grant soon, this is a great opportunity to help shape the grant for you. Real time review and suggestions for improvement will be done during the workshop. If you are not currently working on a grant, it will still be a very good learning experience.
Coming from Washington University are:
  1. Professor William Powderly,  Director, Institute of Public Health, Washington University
  2. Professor Methodius Tuuli,  Washington University
  3. Dr. Debbie Frank, PhD, Grants Editor Washington University
Please sign up for the workshop by clicking on the registration link below:

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