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Name:Dr. S. K. Dadzie                    

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Telephone: +233-302-501178/9

Department: Parasitology


Short Biography

Samuel Kweku Dadzie, PhD is a Research Fellow and a medical entomologist at the Parasitology Department of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. He holds a PhD in Vector Biology from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK.

 He has extensive experience in medical entomology in both field and laboratory techniques. His research interest focuses on vector biology with emphasis on the application of modern methods to address the burden of vector-borne diseases.

 Dr. Dadzie is a member of several committees in Ghana including the Malaria Vector Control Oversight Committee of the Ghana National Malaria Control Programme, Intra-country Advisory Committee on Neglected Tropical Diseases, Technical Advisory Committee of Zoomlion Nationwide Mosquito Control Programme among others. He is the Focal person for African Network of Vector Resistance (ANVR/WHO/AFRO) in Ghana.  He recently developed the National Insecticide Resistance Monitoring Partnership in Ghana and currently the coordinator. He is also a member of American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.


Administrative Role:

Coordinator of the field and laboratory components of entomology projects in the Department. He also provides staff training on basic entomological techniques.


Research Interests:

Vector biology with emphasis on the application of modern methods to address the burden of vector-borne diseases including aspects on vector bionomics, molecular and population genetics and insecticide resistance.



  1.  a)      Large-scale (Phase III) evaluation of efficacy, fabric integrity and community acceptability of Olyset Plus long-lasting insecticidal nets compared with Olyset Net in Ghana

Role: PI:(WHOPES) (2013-2016)

  1.  b)      Large-scale (Phase III) evaluation of efficacy, fabric integrity and community acceptability of Permanet 3.0  long-lasting insecticidal nets compared with Permanet 2.0 Net in Ghana

Role: PI:(WHOPES) (2013-2016)

  1.  c)      Monitoring of Indoor Residual Spraying program in Northern Ghana

Role: CO-PI:  (USAID-PMI)  (2009-2015)


  1. d)     Evaluation of malaria transmission-blocking effect of transgenic mosquitoes expressing an antisporozoite antibody in their salivary glands

 Role: CO-PI: (TMDU, Japan) (2011-2015)

 e)  Evaluation of spatial repellent (SR) products under semi-field conditions in Liberia and profiling hybrid molecular form of Anopheles gambiae in Ghana

 Role: CO-PI: (NAMRU-3, Egypt) (2013-2015)

 f)  Measuring changes in reservoir of malaria infection in northern Ghana using molecular diagnostic methods

Role: CO-PI: (NIH,YALE,USA) (2013-2015)



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