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The Department of Animal Experimentation (DAE) is committed to providing laboratory animals for research, teaching, testing and disease diagnosis for the improvement of human health; in line with the mandate of NMIMR. DAE is a strategic partner with unrivaled resources and expertise in the West Africa sub region in the production of laboratory animals and provision of animal experimentation services of the highest quality, which facilitate the generation of valid, consistent and reproducible research results. We invite you to review our animal strains and services and discover how DAE can help you achieve your research goals.


  • State-of-the art animal breeding facility for the production of specific pathogen free (SPF) and Conventional Animals
  • Animal Quality Assurance Laboratory (genetic, microbiologic and environmental)
  • Animal Experimentation rooms and laboratories for both infectious and non-infectious experiments

SPF Mice: BALB/cO1aHsd, C57BL/6JO1aHsd, C3H/HeNHsd, Hsd:ICR
SPF Hamsters AURA: Hsd
Poultry (Chicken and Turkeys)
Non-Human Primates
(Only maintained when required)


  • Produce, Maintain and Supply microbiologically and genetically characterized animals to research institutions, universities, secondary schools, and the general public for:
    • Research
    • Disease Diagnosis
    • Testing
    • Teaching
    • Others
  • Undertake animal-related research and tests
    • Development of animal models of human diseases
    • Non-clinical safety studies of pharmaceutical, homeopathic and medicinal plant products
    • Efficacy of pharmaceutical, homeopathic and medicinal plant products
    • Pyrogen testing
  • Undertake non-animal-related research
    • Quality control of herbal medicines
    • In-vitro/In-vivo efficacy of pharmaceutical, homeopathic and medicinal plant products (Susceptibility studies)
  • Provide experimentation facilities for conducting infectious and non-infectious animal studies
  • Supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research projects
  • Provide Training in:
  • Laboratory Animal Science and Technology
  • Grasscutter Production


Name of Staff


Prof. Phyllis G. Addo, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Samuel Adjei, PhD

Research Fellow

 Maxwell O. Quartey

Superintendent Technologist

 Mona M. Abbas

Superintendent Technologist

 Shirley Adu-Poku

Senior Research Assistant

 Believe Ahedor (study leave)

Senior Research Assistant

Constance Agbemelo-Tsomafo, MPhil

Senior Research Assistant

 Priscilla Frimpong, BSc

Administrative Assistant

 David A. A. Appiah

Senior Headman

Jacob Quarshie

Senior Headman

Christopher K. Amevor


 Alexander L. Kemausour


Samuel K. Azinogo


Kennedy K. Tagoe


Agbesi A. Anchor

Farm Overseer Gd II

Bernard Addo


Kweku Salamu


Paul K. Padi


Thomas Ataogye

Animal Care Giver

Jacob Nantomah

Animal Care Giver

Kojo Awuah

Animal Care Giver

Edmond Ansah


Francis Adu-Poku

Animal Care Giver

Samuel Anang

Animal Care Giver

Edna Atta

Animal Care Giver

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+233 030 2501178/79