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The Office for Research Support (ORS) is a key structure of the institute which was established in 2006 with the main purpose of streamlining grants application, awards and implementation process. The ORS provides pre and post –award administrative service for sponsored research projects of Scientists in the Institute. The Office also works in close collaboration with a number of partner groups such as Yale Office and Morehouse School of Medicine to help ensure the overall effective support of research administration system, services, policies and processes. ORS does not only provide technical or scientific expertise, but also manages each award in conformance with various fiscal and administrative regulations.
The office is headed by Research Development Administrator who coordinates the other umbrellas of the Office which comprises the accounts, documentations and compliances, publications and legal unit. The coordinator also serves as a liaison between the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Science and Technical Committee (STC) and the database administrators of the Institute.
The composition of the ORS is a follows:

  • Research Development Officer
  • Principal Accounting Assistant
  • Senior Accounting Assistant
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Public Relation Officer


The coordinator and the ORS team busy working to ensure efficient administration of projects.

The functions of the office are stated as follows:
Pre- Award Functions:

  • Identifying funding opportunities and promoting them to the Institute’s Researchers.

Grant preparation

  • Registration of Researchers with Electronic Research Administration (eRA Commons).
  • Supporting Researchers in Grant proposal preparation and submission.
  • Providing editorial services for proposals and manuscripts.
  • Informing Research Fellows of the requirements and obligations imposed by the grant or contract, including the interpretation of award terms and conditions.
  • Approving and officially transmitting requests for budget, effort certification, etc.
  • Liaise with Scientific and Ethical Boards to ensure that PIs comply with the respective rules and regulations.
  • Negotiating and recommending resolutions for discrepancies and disagreements that may arise between NMIMR and funding agencies.
  • Archiving of project document.

Post-Award Functions:

  • Setting up of project account after receiving the Notice of award
  • Maintaining records of expenditures for grant and contract funded projects (e.g. general ledger).
  • Reviewing transfers of payroll and non-payroll expenditures for conformance to agency.
  • Managing the accounts receivable process, including invoicing, letter of credit and collections.
  • Advising on project management issues, particularly with respect to project reporting.
  • Providing reminders to Principal Investigators for timely reports by maintaining a list of monthly deadlines and alert list server.

Closure of Account

  • Preparing and submitting reports of expenditures to funding agencies and assisting in the closure of contracts and grants.
  • Assist PIs with formatting and submission of research papers.
  • Archiving of research publications.

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