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Short Biography

Dr. Irene Ayi obtained a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences (Environmental Parasitology) from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan in 2005. Currently a Research Fellow, she has worked at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in various capacities since 1991. She has been involved in the training of young researchers through mentorship of interns and graduate/post-graduate students’ thesis research supervision. In the past 5 years, she has supervised four PhDs, 16 MPhils and several interns from Universities across Ghana and beyond. She has been involved in consultancy works in the area of evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests for parasitic diseases and snake venom anti-serum potency testing as well as malacology. Dr. Ayi serves on a number of Boards and Committees of the College of Health Sciences and the University of Ghana. She serves as external examiner for post-graduate studies for some universities in Ghana. She served as the WHO temporary advisor on the WHO Consultation on guidelines for efficacy testing and operational use of molluscicides for schistosomiasis control in October 2015. She is passionate about contributing to the career development and growth of young research scientists, particularly, women to make a positive impact in their generation. Dr. Ayi was born on 10th May 1964, a Ghanaian and married with three children.

Administrative Role:

Former Head of Department (2012 - 2015)

Research Interests:

·      Transmission dynamics, host-parasite relationships, co-infections with other pathogens, prevention and control of Neglected Tropical Parasitic Diseases/zoonotic and infectious parasitic diseases of public health concern including Schistosomiasis, Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis, Toxocariasis, Trypanosomiasis, Amoebiasis, Toxoplasmosis, Leishmaniasis, Babesiosis, and Malaria.

·      Development of tools for differential and non–invasive diagnostics for common parasitic diseases.

·      Drug development from natural products against common parasitic diseases

Promotion of comprehensive school health through control of common parasitic diseases in relation to water and sanitation.)

Projects (within the past 5 years):


·     Surveillance of Pathogens Associated with Diarrhoea Outbreaks in Ghana: Detection and Molecular Characterization of Diarrhoea causing Parasites. (2015 - 2019). Funding agency: AMED via Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Role: PI)

·     Research on Medicinal plant extracts for treatment of NTD in Ghana.(2015 - 2019). Funding agency: AMED via Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Role: Co-PI)

·     The Role of Intra-Cellular Protozoan Parasites: Toxoplasma gondii and Babesia spp besides Plasmodium in Fevers of unknown Origin in Accra (Duration: 2 years) (Role: PI)

·     A randomised control trial examining the impact of school feeding on nutrition, education, agriculture and other social outcomes in Ghana End-line survey (2015 - 2017) Funding:  Partnership for Child Development, Imperial College, London. PI: Dr. Lesley Drake; (Role: Co-PI, Parasitology)

·     Screening of selected medicinal plants in Ghana for anti-Leishmania spp properties (2014 – 2016) Funding: NMIMR Post-doctoral Fellowship under the Graduate Research Scheme US$3,000 ; JICA/JST (Role: Co-PI/Supervisor [MPhil])

·     Characterization of cellular responses to Toxoplasma gondii infection in immune-competent and immune-compromised individuals in Ghana (2014 – 2016) Funding NMIMR Post-doctoral Fellowship under the Graduate Research Scheme US$4,000; TMDU (Role: Co-PI/Supervisor; [M.Phil])

·     Anti-Schistosoma Antibody Profiling of Persons Living in a Schistosomiasis Endemic Area Pre- and Post -Praziquantel Treatment (2014 – 2016) Funding NMIMR Post-doctoral Fellowship under the Graduate Research Scheme US$4,000 (Role: PI/Supervisor [MPhil] )

Surveillance of arthropod-borne viruses in Ghana based on virome analysis of hematophagous arthropods (2015 – 2017) (Funding: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology, Japan, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan - US$48,100) (Role: Collaborator)


Recently Completed

·     Control of Parasitic Diseases in Ghana: Establishment of Epidemiological Database for Parasitic Diseases in Ghana (2009 - 2015) – Funded by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) via Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) US$80,000  (Role: Co-PI)

o  Toxoplasmosis Research - Immuno- and molecular epidemiology, diagnosis and strain genotyping (Role: PI)

o  Congenital Transmission of Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium falciparum co-infections in the Kumasi Metropolis (Role: PI/Supervisor [M.Phil])

·     Anti-parasitic drug discovery-related research

o   Studies of Anti-viral anti-parasitic Compounds from Selected Ghanaian Medicinal Plants (SATREPS project) “ (2011 - 2015) Funded by Government of Japan via JST/JICA. US$464,570 (Role: Co-investigator on the anti-parasitic aspects)

o   Screening selected medicinal plants in Ghana for anti-Plasmodium spp properties (2013 – 2015) Funding: NMIMR Post-doctoral Fellowship under the Graduate Research Scheme US$4,000; JICA/JST (Role: Co-PI/Supervisor; [MPhil)

·     Studies on the Mother-To-Child Transmission Risk of Toxoplasma gondii Infection among Pregnant Women in the Greater Accra Region (PI/Supervisor: [MPhil project]) - 2014

·     Detection and Genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii in HIV Patients and Blood Donors (PI/Supervisor [MPhil]) 2013

·     Toxoplasmosis and malaria parasites co-infection in pregnant women and the impact on birth outcomes (PI/supervisor; [MPhil]) - 2014


Schistosomiasis research

·     The Targeted Development of a New Generation Vaccine for Schistosomiasis (TheSchistoVac) – A multi-national project (2010-2014) - Funded by EU and coordinated byLeiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Netherlands US$68,762 PI: Prof. Danel A. Boakye (Role: Field coordinator for Ghana/Co-investigator)

·     Intensity of schistosomiasis by egg count and measurement of eosinophil cationic protein levels as possible biomarkers for estimating intensity of infection before and after Praziquantel treatment (PI/Supervisor; [MPhil])


Nutrition-; Water and Sanitation-related and other projects

·     A randomised control trial examining the impact of school feeding on nutrition, education, agriculture and other social outcomes in Ghana (2012 – 2014) Funding: US$350,000 Dubai Cares via the Partnership for Child Development (PCD), Imperial College, London. PI: Dr. Lesley Drake; Role: Co-PI, Parasitology)

·     Effect of Fish meal and Vitamin C on the Iron Status of Ghanaian Children Consuming Cowpea-based Food (2009-2013) - Training Grant (TG), PhD Thesis Project (Funded by Nestle Foundation, Switzerland – US$20,000; African Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Nairobi, of the African Population and Health Research Centre under the auspices of the Canadian Development Funding Agency – US$7,500; College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana – GHS 2,000). PI: Dr. Godfred Egbi (Role: Co-investigator/Co- supervisor)

·     SUSA Ghana Project (WP4): Peri-urban Environment, Sanitation and Health – Associated Health Risk Factors in Solid Waste Handling in a Peri-urban Community in Ghana, West Africa (2011-2015) PhD Thesis Project US$125,000. PI: Dr. Mawuli Dzodzomenyo (SPH) (Role: Co-supervisor)

The SaniPath Study: Assessment of Faecal Exposure Pathways in Low-Income Urban Settings (August 2010 – December 2013) A multi-national and multi-institutional collaborative study with Emory University, Atlanta, GA S$95,738 PI: Prof. George Armah (Role: Co-investigator, Parasitologist)


1.     Reginald Arthur-Mensah Jnr, Emmanuel Awusah Blay, John Larbi, Takashi Suzuki, Nobuo Ohta, Irene Ayi,  Effectiveness of SP-IPTp for malaria and evidence for the need of T. gondii infection preventive policy during pregnancy in Ghana  Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology  Manuscript ID: JIDE_JB96223126. In press

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Book Chapters

  1. Michael D. Wilson, Dziedzom de Souza and Irene Ayi. (2016) Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis In John Gyapong, Boakye Boatin (Eds.) Neglected Tropical Diseases - sub-Saharan Africa, In Peter J. Hotez (Series Ed.) Neglected Tropical Diseases, pp289 – 317. ISSN 194-8275, ISSN 2194-8283 (electronic), ISBN 978-3-319-25469-2, ISBN 978-3-319-25471-5 (e-Book) DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-25471-5_12 Library of Congress Control Number: 2015958883 ©Springer International Publishing Switzerland
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Inventors: Shoji YAMAOKA (Tokyo), Nobuo Ohta (Tokyo), Mitsuko Suzuki (Tokyo), Yukihiro Shoyama (Sasebo-shi), Osamu Morinaga (Sasebo-shi), Takuhiro Uto (Sasebo-shi), Nguyen Huu Tung (Sasebo-shi), Kwadwo Ansah Koram (Legon), Kwabena Mante Bosompem (Legon), Alexander Kwadwo Nyarko (Legon), Daniel Adjei Boakye (Legon), Irene Ayi (Legon), Regina Appiah-Opong (Legon), Dominic Adotei Edoh (Koforidua), Laud Kenneth Nii-ayitey Okine (Accra), Frederick Asare Aboagye (Larteh)

·         Title of invention: Novel Compounds Having a Tetracyclic Iridoid Skeleton and an Anti-Trypanosomal Agent Comprising the same as an Active Ingredient. Ref: PH-5727-US (January, 2014).

·         Title of invention: Novel Compounds Having a Tetracyclic Iridoid Skeleton and an Anti-Trypanosomal Agent Comprising the same as an Active Ingredient. Ref: PH 5727-PCT International patent application  (January, 2015)

Application # 20150191484)

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