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Professor  William Ampofo, PhD

Department: Virology


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 Short Bios/CV

Dr. William Ampofo is a Senior Research Fellow, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana. He has a Bachelor’s degree from University of Ghana Legon, and a PhD. from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan.

Research Interests:

His research interests include molecular and serological investigations of viruses, prevention of viral infections, anti-viral therapy and viral disease.

 Career milestones include the laboratory discovery of the first Ghanaian case of HIV in 1986, first isolation of wild type poliovirus in Ghana, confirmation of first cases in 2007 of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus in Ghanaian poultry and establishment of the National Influenza Centre in Ghana 2007. Recently, he supervised the laboratory detection (December 2011) of the first ever cases of Lassa fever virus infection in humans and rodents in Ghana.

 Dr Ampofo also has teaching responsibilities in the University of Ghana, overseeing both undergraduate and postgraduate research. His publications cover medicine, immunology, microbiology, biological sciences and molecular biology. He has a keen interest in the area of maternal and child health and has collaborated in studies on HIV, Hepatitis B and Influenza. He is a recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Fellowship as a Visiting Scientist at World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Influenza, National Institute for Medical Research, U.K.

 In recognition of his significant contribution towards the establishment of surveillance for influenza in Ghana, Dr Ampofo was awarded a United States (US) Department of Defence – Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response program Medal of Achievement.  He is a key member of Institutional (ie Biosafety) and national committees (such as HIV Drug Resistance, Laboratory Quality and Pandemic Influenza). Dr. Ampofo has participated in several pandemic influenza preparedness and response activities in Ghana. He has served internationally on temporary assignments with the World Health Organization (WHO), Commonwealth Secretariat Health Division, US Department of Defense, German International Development Agency and the US Agency for International Development. 

In 2010, he was appointed a member of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts Working Group for Influenza vaccines and Immunization. Since October 2011, he is one of three African region representatives serving on the WHO Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Advisory Group. August 2012 also saw his appointment by the WHO Director-General to a new two year membership of the Global Action Plan Advisory Group for Influenza Vaccines. Dr Ampofo is also currently the American Society for Microbiology Ambassador for Ghana.

He is married with three children and this former national cricketer is currently President of the Ghana Cricket Association.

Details of Research Projects  -

 Title:Quality Assurance of HIV testing in Ghana

Role: Co – Investigator

Budget: about $10,000.0

Period: 1998 to 2003

 Title:       Rural outreach on HIV/AIDS and STD awareness:Birim-North District of Ghana.

Role:Project Coordinator

Budget: GH¢120,000.0 (US $80,000.0)

Period:2000 to 2002


Title:Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV in Ghana.

Role:Project Coordinator

Budget: GH¢675,000.0 (US $450,000.0)

Period:2000 to 2005


Title:Ghana Demographic and Health Survey - HIV testing.

Role:Coordinator - HIV testing

Budget: NMIMR GH¢22,500.0 (US $ 15,000.0)



Title: Characteristics of Hepatitis B virus in Ghana.



Budget: unavailable


Title: Assessment of Serological responses to Hepatitis B and Haemophilus Influenza B

Vaccines in infants receiving vitamin A supplementation.


Budget: NMIMR GH¢9,600.0 (US $ 6,400.0)

Period:2004 to 2006


Title: Randomized Controlled Trial of SAVVY and HIV in Ghana

Role:Co-Principal Investigator

Budget: NMIMR GH¢2,550,000.0 (US$ 1,700,000.0)

Period:2004 to 2006


Title: HIV/AIDS laboratory research support

Role:Principal Investigator

Budget: NMIMR GH¢9,197.0     (US $6,131.0)

Period:2004 to 2006


Pathogenesis, National Institute of Health Carlos III, Madrid. Funding was provided by USAID and the United Kingdom Department for International Development.


Title:HIV Workplace Policy and Prevention Programme: University ofGhana

Role:Resource Person

Period:2005 to 2007


Title:Laboratory Study on Archived Samples: Estimating HIV Incidence Rates Among

Pregnant Women in Ghana


Budget: NMIMR GH¢9,000.0   (US $6,131.0)

Period:2005 to 2006


Title:    HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) - Neisseria gonorrhoea and

Chlamydia trachomatis - Study among Female Sex Workers in Accra and Kumasi

Role:    Co-Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢60,000.0 (US $39,700.00)

Period: 2005 to 2006 


Title:    Development of Reference Guide on Status Disclosure and Partner Notification for

HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing (Trainers /Counsellors).

Role:    Resource Person / Academic Supervisor

Budget:NMIMR GH¢ 16,500.0     (US $11,000)

Period: 2005 to 2008 


Title:    Research to Improve Infant Nutrition and Growth (RIING)

Role:    Co-Investigator

Period:2005 to 2009


Title:    HIV Interactive, Training, Education and Development Centre.

Role:    Resource Person

Period:2006 to 2009


Title:    Assessment of susceptibility of Hepatitis B virus genotypes to RNA interference-

mediated gene silencing.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget: NMIMR    GH¢97,500.0 ($65,000.00)

Period: 2006 to 2008 


Title:    Study on the effect of malaria on HIV disease progression in Kumasi, Ghana

Role:    Resource Person

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢58,500.0    ($39,000.00)

Period: since2008


Title:    Surveillance for Influenza virus in acute respiratory illness in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget: NMIMR GH¢1,050,000.0     (US $700,000.00)

Period: since2007 


Title:    Isolation and Characterization of Influenza virus in Children in Accra

Role:    Academic supervisor

Budget:           GH¢ 5,000.0(US $3,333.3)

Period: 2007 - 2009 


Title:    A study to assess HIV-1 compartmentalization in Th1 versus Th2 lymphocytes in

individuals co-infected with parasitic infections and HIV-1 in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢37,500.0     (US $25,000.0)

Period: 2007 - 2009 


Title:    Characterization of Prevailing HIV Recombinant Strains in Ghanaian Patients on Anti-

Retroviral Therapy in Koforidua, Ghana.

Role:    Co-Investigator

Budget:           Unavailable

Period: since 2007


Title:    Monitoring of Emergence of HIV Drug Resistance at Antiretroviral Sites in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢300,000.0     (US $200,000.0)

Period: since 2008 


Title:    HIV Drug Resistance Threshold Survey.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           GH¢255,000.0    (US $170,000.0)

Period: since 2008 


Title:    Influenza Viruses in Wild Birds in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           GH¢37,500.0     (US $$25,000.0)

Period: 2008 - 2009 


Title:    Ecology of avian influenza viruses in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           GH¢54,000.0     (US $$36,000.0)

Period: 2010 - 2011 


Title:    Socio-cultural and Bio-Behavioural survey in High/Low HIV prevalent areas in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           GH¢300,000.0     (US $200,000.0)

Period: 2010 - 2011 


Title:    The Ghana Men’s Study: Integrated Biological Behavioural Surveillance Surveys with Population Size Estimation among Men who have Sex with Men.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢ 299,635.5     (US $199,757.0)

Period: 2010 - 2012


Title:    Mapping, Size Estimation, Behavioral and Biological Survey of Female Sex Workers

(FSWs) and Behavioural Survey of their Clients in Ghana.

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢316,971.3     (US $211,314.0)

Period: 2010 - 2011


Title:    A population based project to determine the epidemiology and burden of pandemic and

seasonal influenza and risk factors for severe illness in a rural population in Ghana

Role:    Co-Principal Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢146,055.0     (US $97,370.0)

Period: 2011 - 2012


Title:    Epidemiology, Prevention and Treatment of Influenza and Other Respiratory Infections in Ghana in

Role:    Principal Investigator

Budget:           NMIMR GH¢9.0M     (US $4.5M)

Period: 2012 to 2017



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Accepted manuscripts

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