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NMIMR Institutional Animal Care and Use Commitee(NIACUC)

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Commitee of NMIMR (NIACUC) was established in 2012 with authorization from the Faculty Board of NMIMR, in accordance with University of Ghana policy. Its jurisdiction includes all research involving live vertebrate animals performed at or in conjuction with NMIMR and its employees.

NIACUC operates as a competent body with oversight responsibilty for the proper care and humane use of animals within NMIMR research, testing and teaching programmes. In this regard, all research projects and educational or extension activities using animals under the jurisdiction or control of NMIMR are reviewed and approved by the NIACUC.

NIACUC's work is guided by a comprehensive Animal Care and Use Guidebook together with a well formulated policy document that enables it to comply with international animal care and use guidelines and regulations, while maintaining flexibilty to best meet the unique biomedical needs of the institute.


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