Calestous Juma Science Leadership Fellow Award

 Dr. Anita Ghansah, Senior Research Fellow at the Parasitology Department of Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, University of Ghana has been chosen as one of the 14 inaugural Calestous Juma Science leadership Fellows.

 The Calestous Juma Science Leadership Fellowship is a prestigious Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) leadership initiative aimed at training resilient science leaders in communities around the world. The fellowship is targeted at scientists who have not only the expertise to do transformative science on the ground but also the experience, networks, and skills to anchor health and development R&D in their communities, design or co-design projects with local and global partners, and mobilize key institutions in their countries.  The fellowship is designed around a holistic view of leadership, so, in addition to five years of funding, the program will provide networking opportunities and access to trainings in critical non-scientific skills. Rather than focusing on a specific discipline or problem set, the fellows, with a wide range of expertise and interests will complement and support each other as a collaborative community.

 For her fellowship, Dr. Ghansah will build a cost-efficient malaria molecular surveillance system with high spatial and temporal resolution that covers the entire country. She will build the relevant personnel and infrastructure capacity for this project, and lead a research team and staff effort to rapidly monitor key molecular markers of drug and diagnostic resistance in blood samples from malaria patients using high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics approaches. This will produce country-wide, near real-time surveillance data to better inform the control and elimination efforts of the National Malaria Control Program of Ghana.



The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), set up in 1979 as a semi autonomous institute of the University, is the leading biomedical research facility in Ghana.

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